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How to buy books

  1. Select the books
  2. Compute total price (Free shipping within India)
  3. Deposit total price in any of the following account:

    Bank Name Bank Of Baroda
    A/c Holder Astha Prakashan
    A/c Type Current
    A/c Number 2439 0200 0108 68
    Branch Gurudham (Varanasi - Uttar Pradesh)
    MICR Code 221012006

    Bank Name State Bank of India
    A/c Holder Rekha Sharma
    A/c Type Saving
    A/c Number 396 717 50235
    Branch Assi (Varanasi - Uttar Pradesh)
    IFSC Code SBIN0008002
    MICR Code 221002022

  4. Note the following details and send to
    • Bank in which money has been deposited
    • Transaction number
    • Deposit Amount
    • Date of deposit
    • Your name
    • Shipping address
    • List of books
    • Phone number

  5. Contact

    Shri Manoj Sharma (Son of Guru Ji)
    Rekha Sharma (Daughter-in-law of Guru Ji)

    Aastha Prakashan
    B 5/23 Avadhgarvi, Harishchandra Road
    Uttar Pradesh (UP) - 221001

    Mobile(1): +91-962 171 1803
    Mobile(2): +91-894 837 8992 (whatsapp)


    Aagam Nigam Trust Account Details
    Bank Name State Bank of India
    A/c Holder Aagam Nigam Trust
    A/c Type Current
    A/c Number 369 333 98640
    Branch Bhelupur (Varanasi - Uttar Pradesh)
    IFSC Code SBIN 0001773
    PAN No AAFTA9141H

    For other queries please contact:

    Aagam Nigam Sansthaan

    B 5/23 Avadhgarvi, Harishchandra Road
    Varanasi - Uttar Pradesh (UP) - 221001

    Phone: +91-962 171 1803

    Guru Ji never wanted to commercialize/publicize his name and hence he asked me to put the following request on the website. Now his physical presence is not there but I am sure his eternal soul will always guide us and bless us. So we have decided not to remove this request.

    Humble Request:

    Please do not contact Shri Guru Ji for your personal, family or worldly problems.
    Please take prior appointment only for highly spiritual thoughts, knowledge or questions.

    विनम्र निवेदन

    कृपया अपनी भौतिक समस्याओं के लिये श्री गुरु जी से सम्पर्क न करें।

    केवल अतिआवश्यक व उच्च स्तर के आध्यात्मिक चिन्तन-मनन से सम्बन्धित विषय के लिये ही पूर्व अनुमति लेकर सम्पर्क करें।

    For technical problem or feedback
    please contact:
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